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My creations. The children of my abstract creativity, molded into established progression of thought. Enjoy! (Please wipe your feet.)

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Pieces that I found so very pleasing to the eye that I chose to abscond with them, placing them inside neat little folders for future viewing.
In the crafting of my world, dear listener, I have taken great pains to distance it from the one we know. Many great works of fiction have taken place in what is supposed to be the "real world", and they have my congratulations, to be sure. But I profess to be a crafter of universes. To set the stage of my tale in an environ that even resembles Earth would be plagiarism and hypocrisy upon my self-imposed title. Indeed, the tale that I spin shall take place upon two celestial bodies far removed from the dear little solar cul-de-sac we call home. Two planets, a duo of heavenly orbs, close enough in proximity to one another as to be forever bound in a mad tango of circular orbit. Each planet has a single moon to its name, smaller bodies orbiting the two greater vessels. Three of these four worlds possess life on the surface, but my story focuses on only one. The planet Mine. The slightly lesser of the two planets, ever orbiting around Yahndur the Great, possessing the Moon that nurtures life, and graced with an equatorial halo. It has no major deserts upon its surface, and possesses equal amounts of land and sea. The vast majority of land, however, is nigh uninhabitable, due to it's incredibly uneven and craggy nature. This trait is even more prolific around the equator, as meteorological and geographic conditions there border on absolute chaos. Civilization has grown only in the far northern, and far southern hemispheres, with the southern hemisphere being chiefly populated. This, my listeners, is the world that I shall focus on, for of all the events that transpire along the timeline of my story, nearly all of them take place on Mine. And even after all the steps I have taken towards a vast, vibrant, original world, I am humbled by the beauty of this one every time I step out of my front door. Have you seen a sunrise recently? No king among men ever did possess treasure with half the splendor of a sunrise. Crafter of universes I may profess to be, but I am incomparably deficient in my creativity when placed alongside that of the Almighty Creator of this one.

                    Respectfully Submitted,
                                              B.T. Powell C.O.U.


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Bartholomew Thadaeus Powell
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
"Listen well to my words. Hear now what I say. Blight and bounty flow unbound from my fingertips. Civilizations rise and fall at my bidding. The great Titans of the ancient world come and go at my beck and call. Countless lives, unnumbered generations, their existence hinges on a flick of my tongue, a stroke of my pen. A single well placed syllable. Listen well to my words, for they have painted galaxies. I am a storyteller." -Me.
(On a side note, I take no credit for the avatar by my title. That is part of "The Smallest Hero", an airbrushing by MinnaSundberg. Far out of both my comfort zone and skill level, so all credit to you, fellow artist.)


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As dictated in the note I sent your way (unless I accidentally terminated it instead, typical me), I enjoy the obvious large amount of thought and feeling both that clearly go into your pieces. They all possess an element of softness to them, in lighting and expressions. And your use of perspective is exceptional, using angles and blurring techniques with an obviously practiced hand. In a single phrase, they are easy to look at. 
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